Ice cream is happiness and we serve scoops of it.

What’s your flavour? Classics like vanilla, chocolate or strawberry?

Or do you prefer unique and exotic flavours such as ruby stracciatella and saffron? Maybe you would rather explore a blend of ice cream and cremino, an additional flavour that takes your scoop of happiness to a whole new level!

Try adding flavours like yogurt pomegranate, carob fig or lemon pie! Would you like your scoop of happiness to be made of real fruit, with no additives or preservatives, such as one of our vegan sorbets?

Perhaps your life is so sweet that you prefer a salty ice-cream?

Can’t make up your mind? At our shop, you can always try a sample before making your final choice and here are our suggestions:
Blueberry sorbet - vegan
Made of blueberry puree, water and a pinch of sugar, this is a perfect refreshment for hot summer days, while at the same time being a healthy snack.
Raspberry sorbet - vegan
Raspberry puree sorbet, with no additives yet full of flavour, just like all of our sorbets. A perfect fruity breakfast.
Black game
A premium ice cream, with a deep, full dark chocolate flavour and the addition of activated charcoal for true chocolate lovers.
Carob fig
Is there anything more Mediterranean than a blend of carob and fig flavours?
Lemon pie
A perfect blend of sponge cake flavoured ice-cream and lemon pie cremino. One of our premium superstars!
Have you tried Sachertorte? Imagine an ice-cream in the form of chocolate fused with apricots.
A bold flavour combining delicate vanilla with a mango topping.
Made for a refined palette. Treat your taste buds to a real feast with this ice-cream!
Yogurt pomegranate
The most refreshing flavour in our sorbet offer would be the sweet and sour blend of pomegranate and yogurt.
You have probably already tried stracciatella many times, it is a staple of almost all ice-cream parlours, but have you ever tried stracciatella with ruby pink  Belgian Callegaut chocolate?
Caramel and nougat…Just yummy…
We dare you to try to resist this combination of white chocolate and coconut.
Whichever flavour or combination you choose, you can always make it even better by covering it with Belgian Callebaut chocolate!

Don’t worry, we have an abundance of ingredients and our offer changes from day to day, so you will never get bored of us.
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